Health Service Leadership

Rural Urgent Care Nursing Program

How will this program support my staff, my health service and my community?

Encouraging and enabling your staff to complete this program can assist you to:

  • Lower your clinical risk
  • Provide a standardised baseline of skills and confidence for your nursing working in your UCCs
  • Improve your workforce engagement
  • Create or enhance state-wide networks for nurses working in UCCs
  • Contribute to ensuring that the care provided to your community is safe, based on current evidence and high quality

More about the program:

Program resources have been specifically designed to prepare and/or support a nurse from any specialty working in the Urgent Care setting. Nurses with extensive UCC experience will also benefit from the program via an opportunity to refresh or extend their skills, confidence and networks.

A bespoke curriculum has been developed in consultation with health services operating UCCs, and a representative group of nurses working in UCCs across a variation of care and workforce models.

Participation in the program is easy and practical. Participants are able to self-schedule program activities, and all of the program elements (online modules, placements and workshops) can be completed from within your health service region.

Program staff have been appointed and are based across Victorian health service regions to enable regular, personal contact with participants and health services.

The program does not require specific input from your health service via supervision or teaching, although this is welcomed. However, it will assist you to deliver crucial training to nurses who work in this setting.

Grants will be available to participants and health services to support nurses who choose to undertake a clinical placement and/or attend the program workshop.

For more information regarding the program please contact us here

Alfred Health Emergency has been tasked with coordinating this project; however, this is a system and state-wide initiative. Alfred’s role will be to administer and support the resourcing of the program and to aggregate the incredible resources, skills and experience of clinicians across the state of Victoria.