Rural Urgent Care Nursing Program

The clinical support and education (CSE) program

The CSE program has been developed by RUCN Clinical Nurse Educators and is an innovative 12-week program designed to introduce clinical education concepts relevant to the UCC nurse who would like to improve confidence in clinical support and education delivery. The program will cover educational theory and prepare nurses with practical skills to be able to more confidently deliver both informal and formal education in their health setting.

The program begins with an interactive two day workshop with the RUCN educators which will set up the next 11 weeks of online self-directed learning. The program provides a rare opportunity to be mentored by an experienced emergency Clinical Nurse Educator from the RUCN team and be supported to deliver an education session within their health service.


  • Free for all eligible nurses and health services to participate
  • Mentorship and support from experienced CNE’s from Alfred Health/RUCN program
  • Provides an opportunity to collaborate and network with likeminded colleagues working in UCC’s within Victoria
  • There will be potential opportunities to work alongside the RUCN team to deliver education
  • More importantly, the program will not be assessed!

Who should apply?

This program is open to senior nurses who work in a public Victorian Urgent Care Centre and have a keen interest in enhancing skills or confidence in clinical support and education. Formal education experience is not required however those who already have responsibilities providing clinical support or education either as a CNS, ANUM/NUM or similar are also encouraged to apply.


  • Sufficient practical experience as an RN working in a UCC
  • Be able to provide some examples of education delivery within your current role (ie, bedside teaching, in-service)
  • You need to be nominated by your Director of Nursing in your health service
  • Must complete the RUCN core learning modules prior to commencement of the program (you don’t need to be currently enrolled though!)


The program is funded through the RUCN program and is completely free for nurses and their health service. We will provide course materials and costs associated with the 2-day workshop, including meals and accommodation.

Program Framework

  Lesson Topics



Approx time


Week 1 Introduction workshop The program begins with a two-day workshop to meet the RUCN team and other participants, learn about the fundamentals of educating and leading others as well as transitioning from clinical expert to educator. Accommodation and meals are included. Face-to-face 2 days
Week 2 Education in the rural context

· The education needs of nurses working in rural health

· Education delivery preferences

· Continuing Professional Development for rural nurses – the barriers

Online 1-2 hours
Week 3 Adult learning  theories and    principles

· Pearls and pitfalls in adult learning/Andragogy

· Learning principles & techniques

· Learning Styles

· The learning cycle/s

· Transformative learning theory and the theory – practice gap

Online 1-2 hours
Week 4 Communication and facilitating for learner      success

· Communication for success in education

· Leadership and followership in nursing education practices

· Emotional intelligence

· Setting up for success – maximising the learner experience

Online 1-2 hours
Week 5

Communication and facilitating for learner      success


· Education approaches in rural nursing:

· Clinical facilitation

· Bedside/ad hoc teaching

· High frequency / low dose sessions

· Small group / in-service teaching

· Simulation

· Assessment

· Providing feedback & and the difficult conversations

Online 1-2 hours
Week 6 Program and    lesson                development

· Instructional design 101 – what is it?

· ADDIE module of instructional design

· Developing learning objectives (SMART principles)

· Planning & structuring a teaching session

· Designing a formal lesson plan

Online 1-2 hours
Week 7

Assessing others

Evaluating the learners             experience


· Defining outcomes of assessment

· Mitigating assessment risks

· Assessment techniques

· Remediation processes

· Meaningful evaluation

Online 1-2 hours
Week 8 Presenting

· What are the key elements to a good presentation?

· PowerPoint 101 otherwise known as preventing death by       PowerPoint

· Public speaking

Online 1-2 hours
Week 9

Innovative        technologies,    simulation, and social media in teaching and   practice


· Technology and teaching: what are available?

· The pros and cons of technology, simulation, and social media

· Choosing the right fit for your education needs

· Education design incorporating technology, simulation, and social media

Online 1-2 hours
Week 10 Education Week No self directed learning this week, an opportunity to design and implement an education session in your own health service Self directed



Week 11 Mentor Week

· Mentorship in the UCC setting

· How to be an effective mentor vs mentee

This week includes 1:1 mentor time with a RUCN CNE


Online 1-2 hours
Week 12 Reflection Week

· Understanding reflective practice

· Learner’s experiences in the CSE program – their own reflections

Online 1-2 hours



how to enrol

The CSE program will be delivered in set intakes. The March 2023 intake has now closed for enrolment applications. Should you be interested in the next intake (likely September 2023) and you meet the eligibility criteria above, please apply by clicking the link below: