Rural Urgent Care Nursing Program

Rural Urgent Care Nursing Program

The RUCN-CDP begins with four online modules designed specifically to support nurses to feel prepared and confident when working in urgent care. Each core module will be approximately 8 hours of self directed and self scheduled learning. They will not be assessed and you will have up to 6 months to complete each module, although we recommend completing within 6 weeks to get the most out of the program. Once the four core modules are completed, other elements of the program are open to learners. Here is a snapshot of the program elements:

Program element Approx. time commitment Description Mode of   delivery Pre-requisite
Introduction module 1 hour Introduction to the RUCN-CDP and what to expect, develop your own Personal Development Plan & book a 1:1 meeting with one of our CNE’s  Online Be employed by, and work EFT in a VIC public UCC
Module 1: Empowered         Clinical Practice 8 hours Introduction to rural health, complexities of the urgent care setting, ethical conflicts with dual relationships, Clinical empowerment, Fundamentals of communication, fundamentals of leadership, decision making and evidence-based practice & self management and mindful practice  Online RUCN-CDP            Introduction Module
Module 2: Initial Assessment & Management 8 hours History taking, primary survey assessment, introduction to triage, special patient populations, adult & paediatric secondary assessment, documentation & scenarios to consolidate learning  Online RUCN-CDP core module 1
Module 3: The Deteriorating Patient 8 hours Elements of clinical deterioration, when things go wrong, barriers and enablers of clinical deterioration including human, environmental and patient factors, compensation and decompensation, special populations & scenarios  Online RUCN-CDP core module 2
Module 4: Stabilisation and Transfer 8 hours Principles for safe transfer, stabilisation and preparation for transfer, paediatric, infant and perinatal retrieval, mental health patient considerations for transfer, collaborative practice, debriefing and psychological safety & resilience in healthcare  Online RUCN-CDP core module 3
Online Tutorials 0.5 hours Topics based on elements of modules 1 to 4 or an elective module Online Be enrolled in the   RUCN-CDP
Elective Modules 1—7 hours Optional elective modules in specialist areas Online Complete all four core RUCN-CDP online  learning modules
Face-to-face workshop 8 hours Consolidate learnings from modules 1 to 4 Face-to-face
Clinical Placements 3—5 shifts Placement in a large UCC or regional ED for eligible nurses. Face-to-face Attended a RUCN-CDP Face-to-face workshop. Further eligibility criteria applies
Clinical Support and Education (CSE) Program 12 weeks (1-2 hours per week)

Designed to introduce clinical education concepts relevant to the UCC nurse who would like to improve their     confidence in clinical support and education delivery.




Hold a senior role in your UCC and an interest in delivering education. 
Bedside teaching 1-2 shifts

A RUCN Clinical Nurse Educator will deliver education in the UCC at the bedside. This will be booked in collaboration with Health Service management. 


Complete all four core RUCN-CDP online  learning modules



EnrolMENTS are Open

Please click on the link below if you would like to formally apply to the Rural Urgent Care Nursing Program and are ready to begin the program now.  

Please note, if we have a large number of applications, we will prioritise nurses from UCCs who do not already have learners in the program and those with limited access to education and training. We may also pause enrolments at any time. Please allow up to two weeks for us to confirm your application.

Don’t forget, this is a three-year program and there are plenty of places available over the life of the program!

To prepare for your application, the first step is to identify an appropriate person within your organisation who can support your application to the program. This person should have a leadership responsibility and be able to enable you to succeed in this learning program.


The content of this course is directed at (appropriately licensed and/or trained) health care workers and clinical support staff.

It represents current information about the provision of general clinical care. It is not intended to replace, and should not be construed as, clinical advice. Any concerns regarding a diagnosis or treatment should be directed to a medical practitioner.

Every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of course content, however, health care workers undertaking the any of the RUCN-CDP programs should be aware of the following:

  • Content is based on current clinical knowledge and practice as at the date of last module revision.
  • Information within the learning module and content have been compiled to complement each other and should not be taken in isolation.
  • Content has been prepared having regard to general circumstances and is educational in nature. It is not designed to replace a health care workers’ independent judgement about the appropriateness or risks of a procedure or treatment for a given patient.
  • Indications and contraindications of any process or procedure are presented as a guideline and should never replace local scope of practice provisions, protocols, guidelines or standard operating procedures.
  • We do not accept any liability for any damages arising out of any use or reliance on any content.

The program does not represent a formal credentialing process for the performance of any skills or procedures in clinical practice. Credentialing remains the responsibility of the individual and/or organisation(s) whom the individual represents.