What is the Rural Urgent Care Nursing – Capability Development Program?

In a nutshell, the Rural Urgent Care Nursing – Capability Development Program (RUCN-CDP), will provide resources which assist health services and staff to develop or enhance the skills and confidence required to work in Urgent Care Centres.

The program is an initiative of the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services to support Victoria’s nursing workforce. The Development Phase of this 3.5 year project commenced in mid-December 2019. The first program resources will be launched on 30 April 2020.

What will the RUCN – CDP offer?

The program will provide professional development, linkages and mentoring support to nurses working in Victorian Urgent Care Centres.

All resources will be created or curated specifically for this program. They will be entirely contextualised to the Urgent Care Setting.

The available resources will include:

  • Online learning resources – easy to use, very flexibly completed over a number of weeks or months with readily available remote support and mentoring.
  • Clinical placement – organised by the program to expose nurses to other urgent or emergency care settings.
  • Face-to-face workshop – to practice skills and build confidence in UCC nursing in a convenient rural location planned up to 12 months in advance.
  • An open access “one stop shop” online resource library which aggregates the resources required to guide practice in the UCC setting.

For more information regarding the program please contact us here

Alfred Health Emergency has been tasked with coordinating this project; however, this is a system and state-wide initiative. Alfred’s role will be to administer and support the resourcing of the program and to aggregate the incredible resources, skills and experience of clinicians across the state of Victoria.