Rural Urgent Care Nursing Program

In late 2019 the Department of Health and Human Services launched a priority project to develop and implement a state-wide program that supports rural health service nurses to maintain the skills and confidence to work in Urgent Care Centres across Victoria.

This is a system and state-wide initiative. It will draw from the exceptional knowledge and experience of nurses across Victoria to create a relevant, convenient, high-quality program. The objective is to empower nurses working in Urgent Care Centres and connect them with information, systems and other resources to support nursing practice in this complex and demanding clinical setting.

Phase one of the project involves broad consultation with stakeholders across Victoria, including nurses working in Urgent Care Centres, Directors of Nursing and Health Service Executives responsible for Urgent Care Centres, providers of existing programs and multiple government departments and other professional bodies.

The outcome of this consultation will be the creation of tailored online materials, face-to-face activities and clinical placement opportunities for nurses working in Urgent Care Centres.

This program is an initiative of the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services to support Victoria’s nursing workforce. Alfred Health Emergency is honoured to have been selected as the coordinating centre for the development and implementation of activities and resources.

For more information regarding the program please email