Alfred Health Emergency does not receive or accept any private or government funding to deliver the activities listed on this page. This allows us to deliver education we are passionate about, without consideration of external influences or funding bodies. The overwhelming majority of our clinical and leadership staff donate their time to enable these programs. Registration fees are attributed to event delivery costs, or to providing a substantial number of scholarship or reduced-price registrations for clinicians unable to fund their own participation for a number of worthy reasons.

The Victorian Sepsis Grand Round is a free, online event series. It provides a forum for healthcare professionals to explore and debate aspects of best-practice sepsis care. Join us at the Victorian Sepsis Grand Round and learn from leading experts regarding the challenges of identifying and managing sepsis in immunocompromised patients.

πŸ“… Tuesday 21 March 2023 | 6:30 - 8:00 pm (AEST)

Emergency Airway Management is a vital skill for all critical care clinicians. This immersive one-day cadaveric workshop provides attendees with invaluable hands-on practical experience, focusing specifically on the technical skills of airway management. The course is designed and delivered by the team that developed the acclaimed Procedures Course.

πŸ“… Multiple dates

This two-day cadaveric workshop will teach you how to confidently perform a wide range of basic and complex resuscitative procedures. It is a collaboration between The Alfred Trauma Unit, Alfred Emergency & Trauma Centre, National Trauma Research Institute and Monash University and will be held in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth.

πŸ“… Multiple 2023 dates

The Society for Emergency Medicine India has partnered with The Alfred Emergency & Trauma Centre and Monash University to deliver an internationally certified emergency medicine training program for Indian physicians. This highly structured program will build on your formal training in emergency medicine and is an opportunity to take your knowledge and experience to an international level, and give you the skills and confidence for your practice of emergency medicine in India and beyond.

πŸ“… 27 March – 25 September 2023

Gain knowledge, skills and experience in Emergency Medicine, with access to a highly experienced faculty of emergency and trauma clinicians in a major tertiary hospital setting. This course/unit provides a practical opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge and skills required of an advanced emergency medicine practitioner. This course can either be completed as a standalone certificate, or as one unit towards the Master of Public Health with Monash University.

πŸ“… Semester 2 2023: Monday 24 July - Sunday 5 November 2023

The Emergency Medicine Course is a specially designed program for General Practitioners, junior healthcare practitioners and other relevant clinicians, who are involved in emergency and acute care delivery but have not received formal vocational emergency medicine training. The course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of Emergency Medicine, and offers a comprehensive understanding of the core principles, skills, and techniques required to manage acute medical conditions and trauma in an emergency setting.

πŸ“… Monday 3 April – Friday 7 July 2023

This course will prepare you for the transition from emergency clinician to emergency leader. You will learn how to guide and support your service and your colleagues, and to lead or develop a department which enables exemplary patient care. The program is led by an experienced faculty holding national and international leadership positions in emergency medicine and healthcare over the last 20 years. This course can either be completed as a standalone certificate, or as one unit towards the Master of Public Health with Monash University.

πŸ“… Semester 2 2023: Monday 24 July - Sunday 5 November 2023

The Emergency Medicine Research Course is a semester-long program run conjointly by Monash University and The Alfred Emergency & Trauma Centre. The course is made up of two postgraduate units Emergency Medicine Research Methods and Evidence Based Medicine (12 credit points). This course can either be completed as a standalone certificate, or as one unit towards the Master of Public Health with Monash University.

πŸ“… Semester 2 2023: Monday 24 July – Sunday 26 November 2023

The Trauma Masterclass provides a deep-dive into trauma care from pre-hospital to the in-hospital setting. The program offers the opportunity to develop both theoretical and hands-on skills. This highly interactive course facilitates exploration of the nuances and controversies of trauma care. The faculty present diverse perspectives to help you develop a system-wide lens to inform the delivery of care to this complex group of patients.

πŸ“… Monday 8 - Wednesday 10 May 2023

Developed for and taught by Emergency Physicians, The Ultrasound Course will provide you with the skills and resources to undertake ultrasound effectively and with confidence. Experienced faculty will develop your technical and interpretation skills, and enable you to integrate or extend ultrasound use and findings in your practice.

πŸ“… Multiple 2023 dates

Prepare yourself for Leadership.Β  The Emergency Department Leadership course is a five-day program to develop your leadership toolkit and enable you to progress from great clinician to great leader. Over five-days, participants will take part in personal reflections, lectures, group tasks, case studies and other activities to enable their development as well-rounded, well-networked clinical leaders.

πŸ“… Monday 8 - Friday 12 May 2023

The Capacity Building in Global Emergency Care (CBGEC) course aims to develop the knowledge and skills of current and future Global Emergency Care (GEC) practitioners in capacity building.Β  GEC practitioners work in diverse settings, often in the context of limited resources and resource-limited emergency care systems.

πŸ“… Semester 2 2023: Monday 24 July - Sunday 22 October 2023

This year’s theme will explore the critical role of leadership in global emergency care development and delivery. Speakers will consider the key attributes of leaders in global emergency care settings and discuss models for supporting and fostering leadership in resource-limited contexts. Participants will hear from emerging emergency care leaders across the region, as well as experts with leadership experience in other fields of global health. Please join us to be part of the conversation and to further develop your own leadership potential. (Image: Courtesy of iStock)

πŸ“… Workshop: Monday 11 September 2023 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (AEST)
πŸ“… Symposium: Tuesday 12 September 2023 | 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (AEST)