Bangladesh Emergency Care System Improvement (BECSI) Project

Congratulations to A/Prof Gerard O’Reilly, Emergency Physician – Alfred Health, for receiving a project grant from the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine Foundation aimed at promoting emergency care across Bangladesh. Bangladesh has a population of 160 million and is amongst the poorest countries in Asia. It has some of the worst health indices and the burden of injury is substantial. The incidence of disasters is extreme, including cyclones, floods, famine, epidemics, building collapses, bomb blasts and complex emergencies, such as the ongoing Rohingya refugee crisis. There is no effective emergency care system,… Read More

Providing the best possible care to the greatest number of patients: implementing ED systems in Papua New Guinea

Situated in the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea only accessible to the capital Port Mosby by air, the Mount Hagen Public Hospital (MHPH) services more than 400,000 people in this remote region. In November 2019, the MHPH has officially launched new triage and patient flow systems, designed to help identify patients with urgent healthcare needs so that they can be prioritised for assessment and treatment. The new systems were initially developed by the World Health Organization, Médecins Sans Frontières and the International Committee of the Red Cross. Adaption and implementation support… Read More

The road to paradise: Developing Emergency Medicine in the highlands of Papua New Guinea

It may be the ‘land of the unexpected’, but a lot of positive change can occur in a short amount of time in Papua New Guinea. In only three years, the Mount Hagen Public Hospital (MHPH) has gone from an ED lacking in systems, leadership and direction, to a department with all of the foundations for a promising future. Read the whole article: The road to paradise: Developing Emergency Medicine in the highlands of Papua New Guinea in the “Your ED” magazine. By Dr Rob Mitchell – Emergency physician at the Alfred Emergency and Trauma Centre in Melbourne and… Read More

Ever wondered what it’s like to work inside Syria’s notorious Al-Hawl refugee camp? 

Miller spoke to The Sydney Morning Herald  from Beirut about his day-to-day experiences working in the refugee camp with the International Committee of the Red Cross. As the only field hospital servicing the camp, it has treated more than 2000 patients since opening on May 30, and Miller said it was treating “a huge amount” of children. A boy, 10-year-old Omar, was in a wheelchair when he arrived at the hospital, “He was one of the first patients to undergo surgery. He had an old fracture. We removed a piece of dead bone and fixed his leg… Read More