Category: Radiology

Will that scan give me cancer?

Every day I send patients for x-rays or CT scans to help with the diagnosis of various conditions. I often mention the “risk of radiation” to my patients, but truth be told is I’ve never really known how much risk there actually is.

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A Pain in the Neck

A 60yo M presents to the trauma centre after his 4WD vehicle collided with a semi-trailer at 90km/hr. He was entrapped in the vehicle for more than 1 hour. At scene he has an unrecordable blood pressure and has had bilateral finger thoracostomies. He has received 4 units of blood en-route. On arrival to the ED he has suspected chest and head injuries and a large bore MAC line is inserted into his left subclavian vein, a massive transfusion protocol is commenced, chest drains inserted and upon stabilisation he is intubated for transfer to CT for a pan scan. En-route the ED registrar asks if we should image his carotid arteries to exclude a carotid injury?

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