Author: James Cameron

Altitude Sickness

A great talk from Dr Danny Marhaba on Altitude Sickness. Albeit not a presentation we will see often in Australia, but an important one nevertheless – particularly if you are exhibition-medicine-inclined.

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Respiratory Failure Post Thoracocentesis

THE CASE: A 60-year-old female presents to the Emergency Department with progressive shortness of breath over several months. On assessment in the emergency department, she had marked shortness of breath at rest and oxygen saturations of 90% on room air. A portable erect chest X-Ray was performed.

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Will that scan give me cancer?

Every day I send patients for x-rays or CT scans to help with the diagnosis of various conditions. I often mention the “risk of radiation” to my patients, but truth be told is I’ve never really known how much risk there actually is.

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