Author: Dave McCreary

Ventilation of the Morbidly Obese Patient

Imagine you’re on for resus in the middle of a night shift and you receive an alert for a shocked diabetic male with respiratory sepsis and DKA who has been intubated and will be arriving soon. Your initial reaction to this news probably wouldn’t worry you too much (aside from how severe the DKA must be to lead to a tube) knowing that the hard work has been done pre-hospital until the paramedic ends the call with a very casual, “Oh by the way the patient is 280kg.”

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Intractable Hiccups

A 72-year-old man presents to the emergency department with persistent hiccups for 4 days. As you walk over to his cubicle, you think back to all the different ways you’ve tried to cure your own hiccups. What does holding your breath, drinking water upside down and getting frightened have in common anyway?

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TMJ Dislocation

A 22-year-old female medical student attends the emergency department. She is unable to close her mouth after yawning in one of her biochemistry lectures. She is in some distress and is struggling to speak clearly.

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