ANNUAL Global Emergency
Care Conference

Global emergency care education

The Global Emergency Care Conference is an annual event designed to equip emergency care providers with the skills, resources and networks to become involved in the development of global emergency care, particularly in resource-limited settings.

The Conference brings together all types of clinicians and practitioners including nurses, doctors, paramedics, allied health clinicians, researchers, development specialists, educators and health administrators. Join us to learn more about global emergency care opportunities, and the experiences of experts in the field.

 To celebrate 10 years of the Global Emergency Care Conference, a video retrospective of the last decade has been produced:

The theme for the 2021 conference was ‘Together, apart: Global Emergency Care collaboration in the era of COVID-19’. Sessions explored the innovative approaches that the global emergency care community has used to respond to COVID-19, and to strengthen emergency care capacity in the face of pandemic travel restrictions. We also discussed a ‘new normal’ – how we can harness innovation and technology to build partnerships and effective collaborations for global emergency care improvement.