ACEM TO FACEM September 2021


Session recordings are for the attention of ACEM to FACEM September 2021 event attendees only. Please do not share these videos. Presenters and colleagues have kindly shared their personal experiences and opinions in confidence. This content may not be distributed or edited in any way without the express written permission of Alfred Health Emergency Education.

28 September 2021 – Making the Transition

Hosts Dr Laura Scott, Dr Mike Noonan and Dr Rob Mitchell introduce the ACEM to FACEM event series and discuss personal experiences, tips and tricks for making the transition to consultant. They are joined by Helen Drennan, speaking to ‘Leadership Principles’ and Dr Andreas Tscharke to discuss ‘Imposter Syndrome’, along with Dr Catherine Taylor presenting on ‘Work-Life Balance’. The session includes panel discussions of topics such as managing registrar colleagues, managing on-call shifts and what a consultant EFT role could look like for you.

29 September 2021 – Making It Stick

Hosts Dr Laura Scott, Dr Mike Noonan and Dr Rob Mitchell are joined by Michele Quinlan and Andrea Johnston from ACEM, discussing all-things CPD and the ACEM New Fellows Program. Dr Bridget Devaney, Dr Andy Paton and Dr JK Pui join the panel to discuss ‘Curating your consultant career’, sharing their experiences as consultants with large non-clinical portfolios. Dr Rob Mitchell offers insights and practical tips into ‘Finding Your Niche’ and developing your consultant career in line with your individual priorities. Hear recommendations on managing the influx of email traffic and time commitments that come with a full FACEM portfolio from Alfred Health Project Coordinator, Sarah Jones.